Checkout the new bird cam!
Posted By: Phil Prasek, 2012-07-29 17:20:56
Bird Cam

NY Times Article Featuring L'Amourita Unit
Posted By: Phil Prasek, 2011-04-02 04:50:32
NY Times Article

Gutters cleaned by Artisan Window
Posted By: Phil Prasek, 2009-11-16 03:44:11
The leaves are falling in Seattle and Jeff was out to do some gutter cleaning in front of Georgia's unit today. Everything is draining fine now. Looking forward to having our windows washed next spring.

Eight Seattle Landmarks
Posted By: Phil Prasek, 2008-05-20 16:39:24
Seattle Times Article
The gabled roof, clay-tile shingles, arched openings and stucco cladding combine for a fine example of Mission Revival architecture, a style that is rare in the Pacific Northwest. Its location, easily visible from Interstate 5, makes it a signature building in Eastlake.

KING 5 News Story on L'Amourita Renovations
Posted By: Phil Prasek, 2008-05-20 16:39:46
View KING 5 Video

View YouTube Video

View High Res Video

Building Repairs On Track
Posted By: Phil Prasek, 2009-02-09 11:25:54
We've had a flurry of activity over the past few months and the major building repairs are starting to wrap up.

Evan Conklin has completed the new gas lines and plumbing repairs.

Jim Dandy has completed the side sewer repairs and will be repaving the north driveway next week.

Sterling Exteriors has completed the majority of the roof demo and tile is being put down as we speak.

John Jensen, our roofing consultant, has been impressed with the quality of work Sterling Exteriors has been doing and says they have great attention to detail.

Aarden Air will keep the new roof cool by installing attic ventillation fans that will keep the building cooler during the summer. Bath and range exhaust fans will be installed for interested units.

After the roof is done we'll have Flying Colors pressure wash the building, fix windows, weatherize the exterior, and do touch up paint.

Finally, Jeff Lucht from Artisan Windows will be cleaning the windows, clearing the gutters, and pressure washing the driveways and sidewalks.

Things should be wrapped up by the end of summer and after that we should be in good shape.


A Bit of Seattle History
Posted By: Phil Prasek, 2008-05-15 01:24:41
View Seattle Times Article

View Listing of Seattle Landmarks

View Landmark Ordinance

Transition to Yahoo Web Portal & QuickBooks Online
Posted By: Phil Prasek, 2009-02-09 11:28:49
We've transitioned much of the operational content (meeting minutes, maintenance info, financial info, etc.) to the Yahoo Web Portal and all accounting info to QuickBooks Online.

See the Yahoo portal for more info.

2008 01/29 BOD Meeting 7pm @ 2913B
Posted By: Phil Prasek, 2008-01-28 04:58:03
Board meeting this Tuesday at 2913B.

2008 L’AMOURITA ANNUAL MEETING 01/13 12pm 2915B (Kristie’s Unit)
Posted By: Phil Prasek, 2008-01-03 00:50:22

SUNDAY JANUARY 13th 2008, 12PM
UNIT 2915B (Kristie’s Unit)


• Potluck Lunch (Gail is Coordinating)
• Introductions / Accomplishments / Announcements
• New Committees & Volunteering
• Treasurers Report
• Guest Speaker: John Jensen (State of Our Roof)
• Review
o 2008 Repair Packages / Special Assessment
o Cap Crossing One Time Pay Down Program
• Vote:
o 2008 Repair Packages / Special Assessment
o 2008 Budget & Dues

2007 12/29 BOD Meeting 2pm @ 2913B
Posted By: Phil Prasek, 2007-12-29 22:01:03
L’Amourita BOD Meeting Agenda Sunday 2pm 12/29 2007 @ Phil’s Place (2913B)

1. Establish Quorum and Call Meeting to Order

2. Maintenance Committee Report (Cory)
• Black PVC Drains Fixed
• New Corporate Letterbox Installed and In Use
• Recruiting of One Committee Member at Annual Meeting
• Plan for Detailing out 2008 Budget Items
• Plan for Completing Reserve Study
• Contact w/ Ruiz (Gardener) – Responsibilities?
3. Annual Meeting Special Committee Report (Phil)
• Location (Kristie’s Unit)
• Agenda
• Food & Supplies (Gail to coordinate lunch for everyone ~30 people, need flip sheet board and markers)
• Documents (Treasurers Report, End of Year Statements, 2008 Budget and HOD Spreadsheet, Repair Package Options Spreadsheet)
• Discussion of Repair Package Options with Owners
• Votes:
i. Approve 2007 Treasurers Report and End of Year Financial Statements
ii. Approve 2008 Budget and HOD Spreadsheet
iii. Approve Repair Package Options Spreadsheet
iv. BOD Recommended Repair Package Option
4. 2008 Renovation Special Committee Report (Phil)
• Repair Package Options Updated
• Roof Proposal Update
• John Jensen to Speak at Annual Meeting

5. Policy & Organization Committee Report (Phil)
• Bi-Annual Legal Checkup
• Web Portal Updated – New Process Section
• Shareholder Proxy Form Added
• Annual Report Filing
6. Membership Committee Report (Georgia)
• December Newsletter Published
• Sent Voter Proxy to Absentee Owners
• Recruiting One Committee Member at the Annual Meeting
7. Corporate Office and Record Keeping Special Committee Report (Georgia)
• Government Surplus Binders
• Metal Shelves
• Next Steps
8. Treasurer’s Report (Kristie)
• End of Year Financial Statements
• Treasurers Report for Annual Meeting
• Repair Package Loan Options
• Poletti Transition Update
• Property Tax Assessment Update
• Damon Invoice for Laundry Room Bathroom Repair

9. New Business
• None

10. Adjourn Meeting

October 30th Board Meeting Agenda
Posted By: Dee Smith, 2007-10-30 13:48:04
BOD Meeting Agenda
October 30, 2007
At Gail's Place

Old Business
1. Approve September minutes

2. Completed Items
a. Dryers vented with space for a third dryer if needed
b. Fan and vent installed in laundry room
c. Storm drains unclogged
d. Bathtub drainage problem fixed
e. Sewer lines hydro-jetted and inspected
f. SW gutter draining properly
g. Roof patched
h. Emergency contacts posted
i. Building blueprints scanned and emergency shutoff protocols
j. First newsletter in a while

3. Poletti Transition (Kristie)
a. General Update
b. Accounting System / Bank Accounts
c. Mailbox Location and Address
d. Cutover Date / Notice

4. Repairs & Improvements (Phil)
a. Frank Fernandez' building weatherizing impacted by lack of
dry weather
b. Notice to co-op to be vigilant about leaks and other weather
c. Replace perforated flex tubing for gutter downspouts with
solid flex tubing
d. Roof report - Not on spring schedule yet
e. Reserve Study
i. Reserve Study Quote
ii. Sewer Repair Quote
iii. Plumbing Assessment and Planning
iv. Garage and Driveway Options & Quotes
v. Structural Engineer
vi. Boiler Room and Laundry Room Cleanup
vii. Next Steps

5. Building Maintenance Checklist / Schedule (Cory)

6. Unit Damage (Georgia and Phil)
a. Damon's Unit
b. Laundry Room Hallway / Main Area

7. Holiday Party (Georgia)

Treasurer's Report
1. Monthly Financials (statements and budget)
2. NCB Loan Progress (for roof and other repairs)
3. Tax Assessment and Contesting

New Business
1. Red Cross Safety Kit (Phil)
2. Eastlake Community Council Coop Rep (Georgia)
3. New/old construction rules

Sept 25 - BOD Meeting in 2913A
Posted By: Phil Prasek, 2007-09-19 21:16:59
The next BOD meeting will be on Sept. 25th at 7 PM in Cory's unit (2913A).

BOD Meeting
Posted By: Georgia Galvin, 2007-08-17 14:00:47
The next BOD meeting will be on Aug. 28th at 7 PM in the garden. Open to all!

L'Amourita Semi-Annual Meeting and Potluck
Posted By: Margaret Papadakis, 2007-07-12 18:15:14
WHEN: 7:00 PM

Please bring a plate and drink to share....
BBQ will be fired up!
Agenda to follow.

Posted By: Dee Smith, 2007-02-28 13:48:16
Wednesday, February 28th, 2007.....7:30pm. Shannon's pad

ANNOUNCEMENTS. ......... ......... ......... ......... ..

· No units for sale!!! One parking space, $35/month available.

OLD BUSINESS.... ......... ......... ......... .....

· Web administrator: James was going to text the fellow who is the official web dude. DEE UPDATE

Sharol's newly painted steps are already chipping.... ....Margaret UPDATE

Scheduled Maintenance:

· Motion Lights and switch lights in Boiler and Bike Room –
Electrician scheduled to install in Jan. 07 Cory UPDATE

-Add Clause for UNITE OCCUPANCY - Margaret UPDATE> revising wording of clause to make this aspect more user friendly.

-Emergency Contacts, Protocol/Building Diagram/Tour – Damon UPDATE

-Monitor Light Bulbs and timer – Rich *the light right in front of the laundry room door has been out.....makes area very dark...other locations? DEE UPDATE

-Clean/Paint Laundry Room: Group Volunteer Opportunity .
Proposed Dates: March 24th & 25th, April 21st & 22nd or April 28th & 29th.
NEED someone as lead to buy materials, coordinate volunteers and finish project.
- In House Notary – Any Volunteers??

-New washer/dryer for laundry room DAMON UPDATE

-Laundry Room-flat monthly fee plan DAMON- 'red quarters' UPDATE

-Historical Plaque

Rich will continue to coordinate this project DEE UPDATE

Treasurer's Report...... ......... ......... ......... ....

· HOD report and Cash Flow Update SHANNON UPDATE

· 2007 Property Tax Assessment – contesting increase- SHANNON UPDATE

Building has only one outstanding loan. new coupons for the City of Seattle loan that should be paid off......SHANNON UPDATE

New Business


*LANDSCAPING. current volunteers to replace Trish.. ..... upgrade our contract service?

·In House Notary – Any Volunteers??

- DISCUSS> Long-term financial and strategic planning for building maintenance.

L'Amourita Annual Meeting Agenda 1.9.07
Posted By: Margaret Papadakis, 2007-01-09 15:11:15
L’Amourita Annual Meeting


Tuesday, January 9, 2007
2915B (Kristie Logan’s Unit), 7:00 pm – 10:00 pm

7:00 pm Meet and greet neighbors. Enjoy food and drink.

7:30 pm Annual Meeting Begins

Announcements: Margaret

• Introductions

• Newly Elected BOD in 2006:
Margaret - Pres
Damon – VP
Shannon- Treas
Gail - Sec

*Cory – Director
Dee – Director

*Cory is the main point of contact if you have any general inquiries about the building or BOD topics. His ph#206.369.5621.

• Welcome to L’Amourita: Sharol Hofstedt (2917), Joshua Maser (2911C), Georgia and Mike Galvin (2911B) and Lana Noble (2905A)

• No units for sale!!! One parking space, $35/month available.

• Web administrator: Dee Smith is our new web administrator.
She will work towards updating the website on a regular basis and keeping the announcements and resident profiles fresh and new.

2006 Accomplishments: Margaret

• Paid off both Bayview and City of Seattle Loans.
Building has only one outstanding loan.

• 2005 tax returns completed.

• Processed paperwork for sale of five units (2901A, 2905A, 2911B, 2911C, 2917).

• New contracted lawn service: Alberto Ruiz and Angel Ruiz.
206.349.2495.$300/month to mow lawn, weed, trim plantings, and other general maintenance. Schedule: Spring and Fall, work 1 X per week. Summer, work 2 X per month. Winter, 1 X per month.

• Powerwash and touch up paint. COMPLETE!

• Windows washed. COMPLETE!

• Annual Inspection. COMPLETE!

• Procured Covers for BBQ and Table and Chairs on Patio.

• Procured New Fiberglass Ladder.

• Ordered new clean (graffiti clear) dumpster.

• Fixed roof leak in 2901B and 2907B

• Fixed Plumbing leak in 2901A

• Fixed Plumbing leak in 2911B (storage unit).

Scheduled Maintenance:

• Motion Lights and switch lights in Boiler and Bike Room –
Electrician scheduled to install in Jan. 07

• Roof and Gutters – Scheduled for assessment and repair/replacement in January 07.

Old Business Gail

• BOD approval of November/December minutes

• Volunteer Activities: SPECIAL THANKS!!!!

-Recycle Bins: Costi and Marchette. Back up: Dee and Rich

-Gardening: Dee and Trish. NEED MORE VOLUNTEERS.

-Watering: Front North End: Dee Front South End: NEED VOLUNTEER

-Christmas Lights: James, Lisa, Vaughan?

-Monitor Light Bulbs and timer – Rich
-Common Laundry Income Collection and Deposit - Damon


-Clean/Paint Laundry Room: Group Volunteer Opportunity.
Proposed Dates: March 24th & 25th, April 21st & 22nd or April 28th & 29th.
NEED someone as lead to buy materials, coordinate volunteers and finish project.

-Clean front verandas and back breezeways every 2-3 weeks during summer,
every 4-6 weeks in winter.

• In House Notary – Any Volunteers???

• Wireless Internet – Phil to present proposal by 2007 Semi Annual meeting.

• VOTING ISSUE: New dryer for laundry room. Is this needed?

• VOTING ISSUE: Proposal to initiate fixed monthly fee for usage of common laundry facility: For 2007, $10/month flat fee based on 2006 annual income.
Benefits: No more collecting, counting and depositing quarters!
More flexibility and choices for washer/dryer options
Less expensive to purchase or repair washer/dryer

• VOTING ISSUE: Historical Plaque Design
Rich to present three plaque design options for voting.
*Placement will be on south east column on building.



• QUIET HOURS are between 11:00 pm. – 8:00 am.
Voices carry especially in breezways and with open windows during summer. Please be courteous to your neighbors!

• Please clean-up after yourself and guests when using shared area:

*Front Veranda should remain clear of personal items.

Back patio:
*Chairs should be put back in their place.
* All buckets and coolers emptied.
*Sweep away garbage and cigarette butts.
*Clean outside of BBQ, grill/racks and turn off gas/empty ashes.
*Clean and put away BBQ utensils.

• Parking Rules Review

Treasurer’s Report Shannon

• HOD report and Cash Flow Update
• 2006 Budget Review
• 2007 Property Tax Assessment – contesting increase
• VOTING ISSUE: 2007 Budget and H.O. Dues Proposal

New Business Damon

• Dealing with our Plumbing Issues

VOTING ISSUE: a) Proactive Plumbing Plan – approx. $150,000.
Avg. of $120 special assessment per unit over 5 year period.

b) Repair as needed

• VOTING ISSUE: Proposed Adjustments to HOUSE RULES:

-Add Clause for UNITE OCCUPANCY - All units unoccupied for period greater than 60 days must be reported to BOD. No units shall remain unoccupied for more than 1 year without approval by BOD. BOD granted permission to inspect unoccupied units periodically for potential structural issues.

-Add Clause for UNIT MAINTENANCE/REPAIR – Interior structural damage must be reported to BOD immediately. All repairs must be complete within
60 days of occurrence. It is the homeowner’s responsibility to coordinate repairs associated with their individual units.

• Emergency Contacts, Protocol/Building Diagram/Tour – Damon

Important Phone Numbers:

*Seattle Fire Dept. Emergency – 9-1-1, General info: 206.386-1400
*Emergency (24 hour) Plumbing Repair: Beacon Plumbing – 206.720.2040
*General Building Plumbing: Paris Plumbing: 206.362.8950
*General Building Plumbing (Major): Evan Conklin: 206.281.8855
*Building General Contractor: Jay Mcgough – 206.399.7356
*Roofing Repairs: John Jenson: 206.241.5774
*Electrician: Green Lake Electric, Paul Schuler, 206-789-4371


• Additional announcements, concerns, requests

• Set up date for next BOD meeting

Meeting Adjourned!

Posted By: Margaret Papadakis, 2006-10-23 18:17:59

L’Amourita Co-op Board Monthly Meeting

Tuesday,October 24, 2006 Dee's pad – 2915A, 7:30 pm

New Tenant Info

SALE OF JAIME'S owner Georgia Galvin was approved by BOD.......she will be moving in with her teenage son.

Old Business

BOD approval of September minutes

Lights around bldg- update...... corey...still need motion lights....and requests have been made for lights to be installed in the bike room and the boiler room.....

Power wash/window washing and touch up painting- update......margaret

Gutters- update......margaret

Cement Scooter Rack- limbo.......

-procure lounge chairs for back patio.....gail

--procure bbq cover for back patio.....damon

-roof leak in James' unit....margaret

-in house notary research update....shannon

-L'AMOURITA bldg diagram.......damon

-gift baskets for new owners......gail

New Business

Internet for building.... .margaret

Common Washer/Dryer proposed fixed cost per unit. margaret

Building Advocate - for Public Safety and Noise Wall......

BLDG INSPECTION summary... .margaret

Phil & Riona's proposed air conditioner. ......

Auto break-ins/letters to city council..... ..

Treasurer’s Report ........shannon




NEXT BOD MEETING> will be ? ?......

Public Safety and the L'Amourita
Posted By: Margaret Papadakis, 2006-10-13 14:42:29
Hi all,
I wanted to make you aware we all need to play a part in increasing our public safety. We can no longer afford to take a passive approach. PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE write our city council members and attend the meetings as indicated below. Take an active part in our community to make it safer.

Here is the non-emergency police line: 206-625-5011, to report any future incidents.


Date: Fri, 13 Oct 2006 11:19:22 -0700
From: "Tom Rasmussen"
To: "Margaret Papadakis"
Subject: Re: Eastlake Public Safety. A rising concern.


I will pass your message along to the Councilmember today. He will
appreciate your input. We have been hearing similar stories from all over
the city and they are very disturbing.

The Councilmembers are all in tune with the need for more public safety
measures this year. I know that a few of the Councilmembers are looking
into adding more officers during the budget. I also know that the
Council as a whole is looking into a comprehensive public safety package
that would include other items besides just officers. For instance, this
could include human services geared at getting to the root of criminal
behavior and crime prevention programs for vulnerable youth. It is just
a matter of finding the funds to do so and balancing many worthy
competing community needs.

Also, I suggest coming to the public hearings we hold on the budget at
City Hall in Council Chambers. These are a great chance to show your
support publically and voice your concerns to all of the members and the
rest of the city via television. You can check the Council's website
for information about these hearings at


Ann Corbitt
Legislative Aide
Seattle City Councilmember Tom Rasmussen's Office
Are you interested in keeping up to date on what's happening at City
Hall? Councilmember Rasmussen's monthly e-newsletter is a great way to
stay informed about current issues facing Seattle residents. To sign-up
for "Point of View," visit
Previous editions can be viewed at

>>> Margaret Papadakis 11:09:46 AM
Friday, October 13, 2006 >>>
Dear City Council Members,

Over the last several months, there has been a rising concern of
public safety in the Eastlake neighborhood. Specifically where residents
reside at The L'Amourita Cooperative, 2901-2917 Franklin Ave East. We are
a historic landmark and situated next to I-5.

Last week, three vehicles parked on city streets were vandalized.
Windows were smashed and property stolen, all on the same evening. Prior
to that, we have had several vehicles stolen and units broken into. This
year has been by far the worst year in the 5 years I have resided in
the building. When investigating further into the situation, we came to
find there were people camping out literally across the street from our
building and under the freeway. Some of our belongings were found in
close proximity to where these people were living. We filed police
reports and finally an officer came out to try and drive them away. However,
it was to my surprise that
officers patroling the area had not noticed there were people
literally camping out in the open, on public and private property and not
driving them away. I can't help but feel these incidents may have been
avoided with better efforts and attention to these situations.

There is only one police officer on duty to patrol a very large area.
He informed me that there are upwards of 300 people living under the
freeway within a 3 mile radius of our building. It is no coincidence that
we are easy targets considering our proximity to the freeway. Both
because it's where people are living and the fact that the loud noise from
the freeway muffles out of the ordinary noises making it virtually
impossible to detect when public safety is a risk. Meanwhile, our property
taxes have risen over 50% since last year.

It's my understanding that Public Safety is your primary concern and
you are in the process of budget reviews. Therefore, it is with great
support that we strongly recommend increasing the police patrols in the
Easlake area, specifically along Franklin and Boylston avenues, in the
late hours between
11:00 pm - 6:00 am.

We appreciate your support in making the area we choose to live safe.


Margaret Papadakis
L'Amourita Coopertive

Touch Up Paint and Building Inspections - wk of 10/9/06
Posted By: Margaret Papadakis, 2006-10-11 15:04:19
Hi all,
I wanted to give you a heads up that Flying Colors will start touch up paint/repair early next week. We will most likely be repainting the entire North and South end porches, partial repaint on central porch, all steps, and any other areas that were indicated on your emails or are chipping away around the building from power washing.
They will mark "wet" paint areas so they are not disturbed while drying but please be extra careful in case there is an area near your unit that has been touched up. The job should take only a few days from Tuesday 10/11- Thursday 10/12.

Annual inspection have been scheduled for Thursday 10/12 - Friday 10/13.
This means the inspector will be coming into each unit for accessment.
Please make sure your units are accessable. The inspector will be using our master keys. If anyone has changed locks recently and has not given copies to us, please do so immediately. Also, please make sure all your smoke alarms are in working order. The inspector will be checking for leaky faucets/toilets, electrical, fire hazards and any rodent issues. Our pet spiders do not count. She will also access our general plumbing, roof and gutter condition and make recommendations.
James and Kristie, problems with roof leaks in your units will be accessed at this time.

Thanks everyone for your cooperation.