The Board meets once a month. Usually the last Tuesday of the month.
All Board Meetings are open to the owners.

A general meeting of all the owners is held once a year, typically in December or January. Semi Annual meetings are held in July.

Board Members:

Phil Prasek - President

Georgia Galvin - Vice President

Kristine Logan - Treasurer

Cory Matthews - Director

Responsibilities (from the bylaws):

Section 6.4 Duties of the President
The president shall:
6.4.1 Serve as chief executive officer of the Corporation and of the Board.
6.4.2 Sign all certificates of shares and execute all contracts, agreements, notes and obligations of the Corporation authorized or required by the Board.

Section 6.5 Duties of the Vice President
The vice president shall:
6.5.1 Assist the president and perform the duties of the president in the absence of the president.
6.5.2 Perform such other duties as are directed by the Board.

Section 6.6 Duties of the Secretary
The secretary shall:
6.6.1 Record and distribute, in a timely manner, to all shareholders and others entitled thereto, the minutes of all meetings of shareholders and of the Board.
6.6.2 Countersign all certificates of shares.
6.6.3 Have the responsibility of such books, records, papers and other things as the Board may authorize or direct, including, but not limited to, the book of minutes for the Corporation, share certificates and transfer books and the seal of the Corporation.
6.6.4 Provide the required notice for all shareholder and Board meetings.

Section 6.7 Duties of the Treasurer
The treasurer shall:
6.7.1 Have responsibility for all financial records and affairs of the Corporation.
6.7.2 Receive and disburse the funds of the Corporation, in a timely manner, as required in the regular course of business or as authorized by the Board.
6.7.3 Keep full and accurate accounts of receipts and disbursements in books and records belonging to the Corporation.
6.7.4 Be bonded by the Corporation.

Each shareholder shall have the following rights and responsibilities, consistent with and as limited by the Articles of Incorporation, these bylaws, the proprietary lease, the House Rules and Regulations issued by the Board and/or applicable law:

Section 7.1 Proprietary Lease
Each shareholder shall have the right to a proprietary lease for the apartment associated with the block of shares owned by each shareholder.

Section 7.2 Management of Corporation
Each shareholder shall have the right and responsibility to assist in the management of the Corporation and the running of L’Amourita on a cooperative basis. Shareholders shall make themselves reasonably available to assist in running and managing the affairs of the Corporation and L’Amourita Cooperative.

Section 7.3 Sale or Encumbrance of Property
Notwithstanding any other provision of these bylaws, the real property owned by the Corporation may not be sold or transferred and the officers and directors may not execute any document which encumbers the real property of the Corporation without the consenting vote of two-thirds of the shareholders. A special meeting shall be called for that purpose.