Costi Parvulescu

Costi Parvulescu Constantin Parvulescu (Costi) has been living at the L'amourita since 1999 (2903A) and is always good fun to have at parties, especially if you can get him to play the violin. He is in a group called, Ensemble Sub Masa, and are described as an acoustic quartet specializing in the music of South Eastern Europe, including Jewish party tunes, Romanian and Hungarian cafe and village suites, and Turkish dance jams (

Costi got his start in music at age 6 on the ukulele, switching to guitar in high school, and violin in college. He has a music degree from the Naropa Institute in Boulder, Colorado, and is better than he sounds. He has played with groups around the country, including a stint as két primas (second lead violin) with the Tisza Ensemble, a Hungarian music and dance troupe. With them he performed at venues such as the Smithsonian Institution, The Library of Congress, and the French and Hungarian Embassies. He has also composed and performed for theater.

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